Alive She Cried

India Pale Ale

Drawing its name from one of Jim Morrison's lyrics, "Alive She Cried" is an intensely dry-hopped IPA that pushes on tropical freshness. With just a smidge of bitterness in the back taste and plenty of exotic fruit aromas all-round, it pairs great with good tunes on a hot summer day, for the music is your special friend!

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  • Last brewedJune 29th, 2019
  • Alcohol6.7%
  • MaltsPilsner, Golden Promise, Carapils
  • HopsHallertau Blanc, Hallertau #09410
  • YeastLallemand BRY-97

Having focused on dark ales for the most part of this brewing project, I've come to realise that it's been almost a whole year since I actually brewed a light colored beer that wasn't a collaboration brew or third party project, so with the summer heat weave hitting Europe hard in 2019, it was high time for me to craft myself a new IPA recipe. Much like my "Gagged & Bound" West Coast IPA, this one was also all about getting to know my hops and seeing what they are capable of. Having already stocked up on a quite a bit of Hallertau Blanc as well as another new strain of Hallertau hops from Hopsteiner, it was the perfect combo for driving this hoppy beer forward. With Pilsner and Golden Promise for a malt base, and Carapils for enhanced mouthfeel and head retention, this beeer was heavily hopped with late additions in the whirlpool as well as intensely dry hopped at over 4 g/l during the secondary fermentation.

Initial pencil drawingInked with markersDigitally colored

The Artwork

Deeply inspired by knowing that the only thing that is constant is change, this illustration touches on the duality of life and death, blending the mysticism and wisdom of the crow with psyhedelic elements to cleanse those doors of perception. It's about altering one's consciousness and looking inwards in search of personal truths.



If you appreciate the artwork and would like to support this project, you can get it on your very own Hopsylvania gear from my online shop. This isn't something I make a living out of but more of a way to set my illustrations loose into the wild.

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Piscul Baciului in Piatra Craiului • 2,238m
Carpathian Mountains, Romania

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