Gagged & Bound

Gagged & Bound

West Coast IPA

Brewed with a single-malt and single-hop recipe, this West Coast IPA honours one of the greatest jazz-rock songs of all time, Poliphony's "Gagged & Bound". Medium bodied and with subtle mango and melon notes, this very hoppy beer finishes with a slightly dry mouthfeel and a lust for more.

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  • West Coast IPA
  • July 30th, 2017
  • Alc. 6.0%
  • Maris Otter
  • Mosaic
  • Wyeast #1056
Gagged & Bound

After having already brewed a couple of beers with recipes made up of quite a few ingredients, I wanted to see what could be done if I didn't have everything at my disposal. What would I be able to brew if I limited myself to just two ingredients for example? Having set this challenge for myself I created the recipe for a Single Malt and Single Hop beer (SMaSH) using only ingredients that I had never brewed with before. Often times it's when you limit your options that you are able to discover new ways to overcome obstacles. That's what enabled me to do some research and choose a type of hops that would bring everything I needed to the table: bitterness as well as a wide array of fresh, fruity and floral aromas. Combining this in large enough quantities with a base malt such as Maris-Otter and you've got yourself one refreshingly hoppy West Coast IPA that can get you through those hot summer days.

Initial pencil drawingInked with markersDigitally coloured

The Artwork

This concept started off with a beast, maybe a wolf, that was just trying to make it out in one piece. Being so up to its neck in something that it wouldn't even be able to crawl its way out without a part of him dying. It was an interesting enough idea that I just went with it, from pencil and ink all the way to digital colour, ending up with the entanglement of death you see here.

Roßstein in Tegernsee • 1,701m
Bavarian Prealps, Germany

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