Tender Surrender

Tender Surrender

Bourbon Milk Stout

Paying homage to Steve Vai's "Tender Surrender", this smooth and sticky stout blends strong vanilla notes with a rich and almost chocolaty sweetness. By conditoning it further on a bed of bourbon soaked oak chips, the flavours come together nicely without adding any extra booziness.

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  • Bourbon Milk Stout
  • October 1st, 2017
  • Alc. 4.7%
  • Pale, Munich, Flaked Oats, Black, Rye, Chocolate,
    CaraMunich II, Roasted Barley
  • Nugget, Willamette
  • Fermentis Safale US-05
  • Lactose, Bourbon, Vanilla
Tender Surrender

This was the first stout I had ever brewed so a lot of the process was still new to me. The goal was to make it sweet and smooth but in the same time I also wanted it to have more complex underlying flavours, which is why I decided to experiment with wood and bourbon. Once fermentation was done, the beer was transferred to another container and left for another 30 days on a bed of medium toasted oak chips that had already been soaked in a mix of bourbon and vanilla beans. I had never used any of these in a beer before so I had to be careful not to overdo it, however the first sample bottle confirmed the taste I was expecting of it. With another 3 months of bottle conditioning, the beer ended up being sweet and sticky, smooth and syrupy with definite notes of vanilla and hints of bourbon.

Initial pencil drawingInked with markersDigitally coloured

The Artwork

It's hard to say what made me come up with this concept but one thing's for sure: up until this point it was the most intricate illustration I had ever done, period. Once I had the idea in pencil, it took me around 20h just to finish inking it; dot by dot, line by line, feather by feather. On the other hand, colouring was a lot of fun because I wanted it to be vibrant yet dark and even slightly brutal, but that's nothing a little blood splatter won't fix.

Breitenstein • 1,622m
Bavarian Prealps, Germany

Limited Aged Edition

With this being one of my first stouts, I though it would be a good experiment to let some of it age for awhile. I've done a similar thing with a small bottle of my "Dust N' Bones" pale ale and it turned out quite interesting. After about 8 months any hoppiness was long gone, however the beer itself tasted almost like a barley wine; very piney and even with hints of honey. I figured it's worth putting this one to the test as well to see what flavours I can get out of it, just that in a larger 750ml bottle and with custom packaging.

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