Maggot Brain Bottle

Maggot Brain

Black IPA

A tribute to Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain", this black IPA walks the line between rich malty dark beers and their hoppy lighter colored counterparts. It might not be as mind-melting as Eddie Hazel's guitar solo, but its refreshing aroma and wistful appearance make it a great transition beer for the changing seasons.

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  • Last brewedApril 26th, 2020
  • Alcohol6.2%
  • MaltsPilsner, CaraAroma,
Chocolate, Flaked Oats

  • HopsCascade, Centennial,
Galaxy, Mosaic
  • YeastMangrove Jack's M42 New World Strong Ale
Maggot Brain

Intended as a transition from the hot summer season to the colourful yet somewhat chillier autumn, the entire idea behind this beer was to blend toasty maltiness with fresh hoppiness, without going overboard on either. Since dark roasted grains can easily become dominant in flavor, the key was finding that ideal ratio for my grain bill and then letting the hop additions do the rest. With the first version of this beer the dark malts were much too dominant in taste and the hops were barely noticeable, so I had to iterate on it a few times to get the recipe just right. After some trial and error I was finally able to get this beer to where I wanted in terms of mouthfeel, flavor and aroma alike, with a good ratio of American hops paired with a malt bill that makes this a very well ballanced beer.

Initial pencil drawingInked with markersDigitally colored

The Artwork

Autumn colours have always brought out the beauty of decay in such an intense and sometimes surreal way. Influenced by the changing seasons, I went with this as the theme for my label and choose the ram skull as a symbol of how even the strongest of us will not withstand the test of time. Devoured by maggots, it now just rests on dying hops bines, reminiscent of this beer's hoppy aroma.

Rifugio Tuckett in Madonna di Campiglio • 2,272m
Brenta Dolomites, Italy

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All of my beers are brewed in small quantities simply out of passion for the craft and as a tribute to the music that inspired them. I only share them with family and friends, and they are never for sale anywhere. If you would like to show your support though, maybe consider purchasing some merchandise from the shop.


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