Sparks Of Disillusion - Bottle

Sparks Of Disillusion

Pumpkin Saison

Commercial Series

In celebration of Samhain and the end of the harvest season, "Sparks Of Disillusion" was brewed with plenty of roasted butternut squash along with honey and juniper, before finally being conditioned on a mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, and pimento. The carefully selected spices add to the already peppery notes of the yeast to produce an enchanting blend of warming aromatics, fit for the season of falling leaves.

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  • Last brewedOctober 3, 2022
  • Alcohol7.2%
  • MaltsPale, Munich, CaraAroma
  • HopsHallertau Mittelfrüh
  • YeastMangrove Jack's M29 French Saison Ale
  • ExtrasHoney, Candy Sugar, Juniper, Butternut Squash, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves, Nutmeg, Pimento
Sparks Of Disillusion - Label Design

From its gorgeous colors to the smell of crushed leaves, wet soil, and memories of time spent at the countryside harvesting crops, autumn holds a special place for me, so I wanted to brew a beer that would celebrate that. The first few pumpkin ales I tried were from my friends at True Brew and Higgins Ale Works at their annual pumpkin ale tap takeover. The blend of spices, malts, hops and of course pumpkin were enticing enough that I also wanted to take a stab at it with my own interpretation. With an affinity for saisons and farmhouse ales, and after plenty of research on the right kind of gourd to use, I finally brewed an experimental batch in late 2021. Not too high on alcohol, it had a smooth mouthfeel, and the peppery notes of the saison yeast played really well with the other spices. Based on that recipe I tweaked some of the malts and added some extra ingredients like juniper and candy sugar to give it a richer foundation on which the spices could shine, and thus the 2022 edition was brewed. Bolder and brighter, it clocks in at 7.2%, making it enjoyable regardless if it's a rainy autumn evening or a sunny afternoon.

Sparks Of Disillusion - Pencil DrawingSparks Of Disillusion - Ink IllustrationSparks Of Disillusion - Digital Print

The Artwork

The label artwork draws heavy inspiration from the Celtic mythology of Samhain. During this liminal festival, the boundary between our world and the Otherworld thins and the Aos Sí (spirits or fairies) are said to more easily cross over. Legends tell of Aillén the Burner, a fiery being who rises from the Underworld every year around Samhain to terrorize people, but also of three werewolves who are said to emerge from a cave every year around the same time to kill livestock. Both the fire-breather and werewolves are said to have been slain by a magical spear.

Sparks Of Disillusion - Artwork
Sparks Of Disillusion - Showcase


Brewed mid-autumn when leaves turn to fiery colors, this magical saison was released on October 29th, 2022 at the True Brew taproom during their annual pumpkin ale tap takeover. In celebration of Halloween, three different pumpkin ales were served on tap for one evening only, each brewed by True Brew, Higgins Ale Works, and respectively Hopsylvania.

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