Dazed & Confused

Dazed & Confused

Bourbon Chocolate Coffee Stout

Honouring the psychedelic-blues masterpiece that is Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused", this stout is as far-out as the music that inspired it. Conditioned on bourbon soaked oak chips, and spiced with vanilla, cocoa nibs and coffee, it was left to mature for over a year for it to become such this groovy beer.

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  • StyleBourbon Chocolate Coffee Stout
  • Last brewedNovember 19th, 2017
  • Alcohol6.9%
  • MaltsPale, Black, CaraAroma, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
  • HopsNugget, Willamette
  • YeastFermentis Safale US-05
  • ExtrasVanilla, Bourbon, Cocoa Nibs, Deathwish Coffee Valhalla Java, Oak Chips
Dazed & Confused

Part of a double batch, along with my "Darkest Days" Imperial Mocha Stout, this beer was a good opportunity for me to blend ingredients from both its sister beer as well as from my "Tender Surrender" Bourbon Milk Stout. I wanted a sweet beer with a strong bourbon and vanilla flavour while still maintaining some of its roastiness from the coffee and grains. Once fermentation was done, the beer was transferred to another container and left for another 30 days on a bed of medium toasted oak chips that had already been soaked in a mix of bourbon and vanilla beans. Add on top of that a bunch of cocoa nibs and later on some extra Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend coffee and you've got yourself the recipe for one groovy stout. After another week, the batch was bottled and moved to the cellar for an extra 4 months of final conditioning before being finally ready to be released into the wild, with a fair amount of bottles even aging for over a year in order to give this beer plenty of time to mature and build complexity.

Initial pencil drawingInked with markersDigitally coloured

The Artwork

Moths and butterflies have always been something that intrigued me, so much so that awhile ago I was even collecting and studying them. Despite this stout being brewed for the first time in late autumn and bottled in winter, it was launched while spring was in full display. That being said, I drew inspiration from the seducing scent of blossoming lilac, because it's a nicer twist to the classic moth-to-the-flame drama.

Kirchlspitze in Western Karwendel • 2,301m
Tyrolean Alps, Austria

Aging Experiment

With this being one of my first stouts, I though it would be a good experiment to let some of it age for well over a year. I've done a similar thing with a small bottle of my "Dust N' Bones" pale ale and it turned out quite interesting. After about 8 months any hoppiness was long gone, however the beer itself tasted almost like a barley wine; very piney and even with hints of honey. I figured it's worth putting this one to the test as well to see what flavours I can get out of it, just that in a larger 750ml bottle and with custom retro packaging.

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