Decay Of Disregard - Bottle

Decay Of Disregard

Coconut Oatmeal Stout

Homebrew Series

Named after Oceans Of Slumber's hauntingly intense music, "Decay Of Disregard" is a dessert stout that was brewed with plenty of oats for a smooth and rich mouthfeel, as flavors of caramel and chocolate blend with aromas of toasted coconut, while notes of vanilla round up to a sticky finish.

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  • Last brewedOctober 27, 2019
  • Alcohol7.7%
  • MaltsPilsner, CaraMunich III, Chocolate, CaraAroma, Carafa II, Flaked Oats
  • HopsEast Kent Goldings, Centennial
  • YeastLallemand Nottingham
  • ExtrasVanilla, Coconut Chips
Decay Of Disregard - Label Design

Having already experimented with coconut just a few months earlier in "By Demons Be Driven", it was now finally time to also try it out in a stout. What I wanted to brew was what I wanted to drink: a thick, sweet and dark beer that wasn't overly roasty but instead full of chocolate and caramel complementing a burst of coconut flavor. Copious amounts of flaked oats guaranteed a silky mouthfeel, but with these adding up to 17% of my entire grain bill, a protein rest was also needed to allow for good wort flow during lautering. Mashing somewhere in the higher 60s Celsius afterwards would then ensure plenty of unfermentable sugars, giving me the sweetness I needed, while a longer boil time would make the beer denser and increase gravity, ultimately raising the final alcohol level. Once fermentation was done, the finished beer was then transferred to a secondary vessel on a thick bed of freshly toasted coconut chips mixed with chopped up Madagascar vanilla beans. After soaking up the flavors for a week, the beer was bottled and stored in the cellar for a few months of conditioning before finally being labeled and released.

Decay Of Disregard - Pencil DrawingDecay Of Disregard - Ink IllustrationDecay Of Disregard - Digital Print

The Artwork

Exploring concepts of impermanence and transformation, I wanted to use blooming poppies as a symbol of death and slumber, depicting how even in complete decay nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Often times we’ll shy away from trial and hardship, when in fact it is the sanctity of suffering that fosters growth and change within ourselves, for all we really are is change.

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Decay Of Disregard - Artwork
Decay Of Disregard - Outdoor View
Schöttelkarspitze in Karwendel • 2,050m
Bavarian Alps, Germany


This is a homebrewed beer that is not available for sale or distribution of any kind. It was brewed at home in small quantities to be shared only with family and friends, simply out of passion for the craft and as a tribute to the music that inspired it.

  • Non-commercial
  • No selling
  • No distribution


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